We welcome new homeowners with baskets filled with community information and gifts from local businesses.

What We Believe

Connecting people is about more than bringing customers to local businesses. We believe in bringing people together, which is why every basket includes community information. We are also honored to be partnering with Challenge Enterprises for our basket assembly.

Challenge Enterprises provides person centered programs, services and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By partnering with Challenge Enterprises, Basket Life is helping to employ individuals with disabilities, who also receive a variety of supportive services.

What We Do

At Basket Life, we are more than a marketing company. We are committed to our mission statement of connecting people one basket at a time.

When a home is purchased, we connect with the new homeowner before most of them are finished unpacking. Our baskets include community information relevant to the new home owner, as well as welcome items and information from participating businesses.

New homeowners are overjoyed to receive your items in the form of a gift! Your business can be a part of that joy.

Dana & Chris Heisler
Owners, Dana & Chris Heisler

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